Let us create the perfect, natural-looking tan for you – Get streak-free results in minutes.

At Beauty Avenue, we know how sun-kissed, healthy-looking skin can do wonders for any outfit and confidence.

The magic happens in our spray-tanning booth where our tanning specialist will expertly apply your complementary shade in a sterile and safe environment.

We only use organic and top-of-the-line spray tanning products in the market to give you a radiant look  without prematurely damaging your skin.

Our solutions contains antioxidants and natural oils that is gentle on the skin whilst providing a natural, long-lasting colour.

no alchohols
no artificial preservatives
no parabans
no perfumes
no odours

Be the “Bronzed Goddess” of your dreams without the harmful UV Rays.

Spray Tanning has great benefits,

  1. It masks blemishes and other skin imperfections so you can achieve that perfect complexion.
  2. Unlike tanning beds or laying under the sun, you are relieved of harmful UV exposure that can damage your skin.
  3. It gives you full and even coverage. No streakiness or patches!
  4. The spray tanning process is completed within minutes so you can achieve results instantly. Our experienced Therapists will meticulously  spray your chosen shade in minutes, creating a healthy and sun-kissed effect that will last for days.
  5. Your shade can be fully customised. Our professional Therapist will help you  select a  shade for that natural look.

At Beauty Avenue, we take great pride in providing our clients the best tanning solutions.  We  ensure that you achieve a natural-looking, sun-kissed finish every time.

Spray Tan

Full Body Spray Tan $40
Half Body $30

For customise treatments please call for further information.